Pardon me

Pardon me Excuse me So very sorry: My skin, My tongue, My history. My culture, My clothing, My body. Excuse me A life time of sorries But no. Now- Now, No more apologies.

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Change is a green traffic light A stair A fresh page A new pen A destination- To the next change Because change is not still It keeps changing too.

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I want impossible

I want to see a desert that glows A ocean that breathes A tree that refuses to grow I want to see a star that shivers A blade that heals A mirror made of rivers. I want an impossible. I want the improbable, irresponsible, completely implausible. I want it So I can say I told […]

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My nerves are nervous too Nervous of the nerves to come A maze of constant uncertainty And ticking timer of possibilities The maze will clear when I venture in The timer will stop when the day starts But for now I’m lost, stuck and waiting: Tense, silent and nervous. Hoping and praying *** *Images May […]

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Human intrigue

Human beings are complex and they are intrinsically curious. It’s the curiosity of our nature, the courage of our insight, the passion of our dreams that have landed us on the moon, created the web and vaccinated against thousands of diseases. Our ability to be intrigued, fascinated and in awe of the world around us […]

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The sparrow

Found this really interesting When the people were lighting the fire for Ibrahim (as) a sparrow took a little water in its beak and was going to drop it on the fire. Someone mocked it saying, what’s a little water going to do to this huge fire? The sparrow said, I know it won’t do […]

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*Title pending* PART 3

Just been having fun writing a weird little story. It’s not great or heavily edited, just something I’ve been enjoying doing. I thought I’d put it up here for anyone to have a quick read! Enjoy! *Image May be subject to copyright To read Part 1, click here To read Part 2, click here *** […]

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