Rain wrapped

Rain hits the window in the night And with the slow rhythm of the patters they recite lull the audience deeper asleep And whilst silenced we are given A gift: Outside they fall in streams of ribbons My house is gift wrapped and tied Ready for sunlight *Images May be subject to copyright If you […]

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And in the middle of the jungle In the torrent of rain In the drowning of the waves In the solitude of the cave In the skyscraper And in the council flat tower He sees He knows And He loves. * Images may be subject to copyright If you too want to write for the […]

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May Allah reward you

May Allah reward you The words are so much more than the 17 letters they exhibit Much more than the syllables to utter it The words go beyond my mouth and your ears The words are just a souvenir A little token from a place above the heavens A reminder of what awaits you When […]

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When you wake up at night

When you wake up at night. In the silence and stillness. When the weight of sleep is overpowered by the weight of love. When the water cleanses you from that which you cannot see. When your head finds it’s place on the humble ground. When your eyes open their floodgates. When fear and love in […]

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Love is not

Love is not a friend Love is not family Love is your blood. If it drains out of you So does your soul ~ If you want to write for the blog, go to the Menu and click on the ‘Get Involved’ page!

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Sunlight is a funny thing

Sunlight is a funny thing Wash it across the world And it brightens, beautifies, makes alive Direct it at something specifically And it blackens, burns- dies ~ Can that be said of hope? Can that be said of fear? Does our state of mind Hold the power of sunlight? Can we choose what to set […]

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The sign

And they say ‘Lord where are the signs?’ Isn’t the very question The answer Isn’t the need to question The answer The answer is written In the need of the reply You asked him And so He is there ~ *Image may be subject to copyright If you want to write for the blog, go […]

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